Driver Safety Bulletin

By | March 31, 2011

Every season has its own unique driving challenges.  Even the gentle nature of springtime can cause problems when the weather changes, whether your trip takes you on the highway, into a city or onto narrow rural roads.


Safe Start

A safe start to every trip begins with a thorough pre-trip inspection.  So check your tires for proper inflation and adequate tread depth.  Make sure the windshield wipers are in good condition and are effectively cleaning the windshield.  Check the windshield washer and make sure the reservoir is full.


Stormy Weather

After months of rough winter weather, spring rain may seem to be a welcome relief.  However, rainy springtime weather is not always gentle and it can create very dangerous driving conditions.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) In-Service Safety Series, rainy weather, from a few sprinkles to a heavy downpour, presents problems when you are on the road.  The first ten to thirty minutes after it starts raining are when the roads are the most dangerous.  The rain mixes with dirt and oil from vehicles and surface asphalt, creating very slick conditions.  Downpours often cause water to pool in depressed surfaces and water can cover entire sections of the road.  Driving through water can cause your vehicle to hydroplane, a situation in which your tires have no contact with the road and little or no traction.  You can lose control and may not be able to steer or brake your vehicle.  Slow down in adverse weather conditions to increase traction and control.  It takes more than three times longer to brake on wet roads than it does on dry roads, especially for heavier vehicles.  Keep headlights on and increase your following distance, as well as the distance between your vehicle, to help avoid trouble.


Spring Fever

Warm spring weather will inevitably bring more people outdoors and more vehicles on the road.  Be well-rested before you drive and be alert to all types of driving activity.  Adjust your speed to what the traffic, road conditions and pedestrian movements require.  Look ahead and watch for people stepping out from between parked cars.  Use your mirrors to check for bicycles that will be sharing the road with you.  Be alert to the increase in number of motorcyclists who appear with the warm weather.  They can get lost in your blind spots, cause land change accidents and pose problems as you make right and left turns.  Star alert and attentive to you safe driving at all times.


The above article was written by Lancer Insurance.  We thought the advice was so great, we decided to share with all of our readers.  These are great reminders for all of us as spring embarks on us.


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