Doing Good is Good Business at The Buckner Company

By | May 16, 2011

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Doing Good is Good Business at The Buckner Company


SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—The Buckner Company has been in business for 75 successful years.  What’s their secret?   It’s their credo of “doing good” and the service-oriented mentality of their employees.  Like all businesses, The Buckner Company is constantly being asked to contribute to charitable causes and fund raisers.  What’s a business to do?  Contributing to every cause will surely put a strain on a company’s resources.  The Buckner Company has found a way to involve their employees in deciding which causes are dearest to the Buckner heart.


Recently, The Buckner Company was approached by one of its insurance company partners, EMC Insurance Company, to nominate a worthy nonprofit organization to participate in EMC’s 100 Ways of Giving campaign.  EMC, in celebrating its 100th anniversary, will be giving away 100 grants of $1,000 each to organizations nationwide.  The Buckner Company solicited the help of their employees in selecting an organization to submit to EMC.  The management team at The Buckner Company was surprised at the reaction of their employees.


Employees of The Buckner Company submitted a total of 17 local non-profit organizations.  The management team discovered that many of their employees were volunteers with these organizations and had special connections with their causes.  Once employees voted on the submissions, the winning organization with the most votes was selected and submitted to EMC.  But the giving did not end there.


“We were surprised when we discovered just how much volunteerism is going on by our own staff members and how passionate each is about their own organization.  Countless hours are donated each year by our employees to various worthy causes.  I contribute much of our success as a business to the giving and sharing hearts of our employees.  Doing good is something our employees are good at,” said Terry H. Buckner, President and CEO of The Buckner Company.


After reviewing the list of worthy organizations, The Buckner Company decided that there should simply not be a “loser” in this campaign.  In an effort to pay equal attention to the other worthy organizations, The Buckner Company decided to award each organization a $500 grant.  To the joy of the nominating employee, these checks were hand-delivered to each organization by that employee last week.  The organizations who were recipients of those grants are:


Founded in Ogden, Utah in 1936, The Buckner Company has been serving the insurance needs of the West with honesty, integrity, and superior service for 75 years. Today, The Buckner Company stands out from their competition in their expertise and knowledge of the construction, agriculture and commercial businesses they service. In addition to providing their expertise in these fields, The Buckner Company also offers specialty niche market services, including personal homeowner and auto insurance, employee benefits, trucking and transportation insurance and surety bonding. Visit for more information or follow their blog at









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