Buckner and Peterson Receive Patriot Award

By | November 16, 2010

Salt Lake City, Utah – President and CEO of The Buckner Company, Terry H. Buckner, and Employee Benefits Sales Executive, Rich Peterson, received a Patriot Award on October 28th from Robert K. Watts of Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. Buckner employee, John Walters, who recently served for one year on active duty in Afghanistan, nominated the two for the award.

Walters, now a member of the Marine Corps Reserve, began his career as an Employee Benefits insurance agent with The Buckner Company just four months before being called out on active duty. He left behind his pregnant wife, knowing that his job at The Buckner Company was waiting for him when he returned. Walters returned to his position earlier this year.

Though it is a law to hold job positions for members of the National Guard and Reserve while they are called away on active duty, Walters felt that his boss, Buckner, and mentor, Peterson, went above and beyond their duty. Buckner and Peterson reached out to Walters wife while he was serving in Afghanistan. They made sure she was taken care of. Peterson and Walters stayed in touch through social networking websites during Walters service.

When Walters returned this past spring, he rejoined his colleagues at The Buckner Company and was able to pick up where he left off.

“Some employers keep jobs open for deploying service members because it’s the law. And some employers do it because it’s the right thing to do. Terry definitely fits into the latter group. He told me before I left to not worry about a thing. I have felt his support all along. Rich has been my teacher and mentor since I arrived at Buckner. He has taught me just about everything I know about insurance and relationships. More than that, he has been a friend. When I was deployed he became an arm of support for my wife,” said Walters.

According to Watts, of ESGR, 48 percent of the men and women currently serving in active duty are made up from the National Guard and Reserves. They are not career-soldiers. They are our neighbors, colleagues and friends. They give up their personal lives to serve their country. These are men and women, like Walters, who walk away from everything, hoping their jobs are still available when they return.

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Rich Peterson, John Walters, Terry Buckner, Robert K. Watts

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