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By | April 30, 2013

I started blogging about workers’ comp because let’s face facts, insurance is complicated and…can be a little boring. I know employers are not as passionate about work comp as I am! I hope that by sending you these weekly articles I have given you valuable and useful information. With handling work comp insurance there is a certain symmetry and finesse that needs to be implemented. Everyone (Employer’s) think that they are fine and functioning properly. Nothing hurts right now so…Why bother? Take for example the smart phone. You were “fine” before the smart phone, you did business as usual. But then, your eyes meet across the room. The screen glinted under the store lights and you thought of all the things you could do with it! You met and fell in love with this new technology and now you will never part with it again.


Imagine how lost you feel when your smart phone is not functioning properly. Your company could use new technology too! I have developed a software that will take your workers’ comp claims management into the future.


Your future could look like this:

  • To use as little time and resources as possible.
  • Timely reporting of the First Report of injury to me (your agent), your carrier and everyone in your company who needs a copy.
  • To know what to do when claims occur. (The software guides you through the claims process from start to close)
  • To have better communication with injured employees.
  • To have an agent as your advocate who fights for you. (who’s watching out for your interests?)
  • To get your injured employees back to work ASAP.
  • To have transparent communication with Doctors and Physical therapists involved in the claim.
  • To recognize the signs to prevent fraud.
  • For your employees to be treated fairly and cost efficiently.

Technology and communication is the only way to keep a company (business) functioning like a well oiled machine. Companies need to make money as well as maintaining a happy and loyal employee base. The only way to achieve this is to efficiently handle your work comp claims by using best practices, that includes a  software that guides you through every step.


When was the last time you had someone review your work comp policy? I know that you may feel loyal to your current agent (who could be your brother, uncle, sister or friend) but it’s always good to get a second opinion with something this important. Contact me for a free analysis and to see what the software can do for your business.



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